Local SVN repository on Windows XP workstation

I’ve decided to start backing up ongoing immature work on a local SVN repository, rather than relying on the age old tried and tested “backup” folder, or relying on Eclipse’s backup mechanism. The steps involved are fairly simple. Refer to http://nedbatchelder.com/text/quicksvn.html for more details.

Install svn on your workstation. I use Windows XP at work

  1. Install svn on your workstation  (procedure depends on OS). I use Windows XP at work.
  2. Create a repository
    C:\svn>svnadmin create c:\svn\vinay_svn_backup
  3. At this point , you can chose to backup the files manually or use whatever IDE you use. I use Eclipse for Java development and can add the repository created above to my list of repositories (make sure the SVN connector is installed first).  Add something like the following line when creating a link to the  repository file:///c:/svn/vinay_svn_backup

That’s it, enjoy.


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