Infinispan – Yet another grid

I plan to play around with Infinispan a bit, let’s see if it lives up to the hype. It’s a Jboss product, so there is some hope. Stay tuned. GridGain folks, what have you been upto? .. you had a great compute grid based product a couple of years ago, but hardly any new buzz since then.

Update : – seems like it’s just another glorified distributed data grid. I’m sure it has it’s place in the sun, but doesn’t quite occupy my current sphere of interest in compute grids. Speaking of which I’m currently running Hadoop on a Cloudera VM . Kinda defeats the whole purpose, running a VM on a single core (other core dedicated to Win 7).If only my workstation would co-operate with my Linux install attempts. Funny that after 10 years of playing about with Linux on everything from Pentium 1 upwards, my dual core AMD refuses to co-operate with the newer distros. The latest version of Ubuntu (10.10) and Mint just flat out refuse to install. I had better luck with Open Suse, after turning off ACPI and APM during the initial setup but I just don’t dig that OS . Maybe I’ll wait a bit and see if I have better luck in a few weeks, considering that I’ve had a about 3 different distros running on this particular hardware suite in the past .

Ramble …..


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