A cyclic iterator

Sometimes, a cyclic iterator can be useful to supply an endless supply of deterministic data. Here’s an simple implementation that I wrote today.

import java.util.Iterator;

 * This class iterates across an iterable object with the option to recycle amongst the elements infinitely.
 * In case the recycle option is not set, the original data is iterated upon once, and all subsequent calls to
 * next() will return the defaultDataValue
 * @param <T>
public class CyclicIterator<T>
 implements Iterator<T> {
 final private Iterable<T> data;
 final private boolean recycleData;
 final private T defaultDataValue;
 private Iterator<T> dataIterator;

public CyclicIterator(Iterable<T> data, boolean recycle, T defaultDataValue) {
 this.data = data;
 this.recycleData = recycle;
 this.defaultDataValue = defaultDataValue;

private void resetDataIterator() {
 this.dataIterator = this.data.iterator();

 public boolean hasNext() {
 return true;

 public T next() {
 //if the iterator is done, check whether to reset or not
 if (!dataIterator.hasNext()) {
 if (recycleData) {
 } else {
 return defaultDataValue;

//at this point, next should be valid
 return dataIterator.next();

 public void remove() {

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